RED Radio Devices

Telecommunication is part of everyday life. The RED (Radio Equipment Directive) is a European directive for telecommunication devices and common radio equipment.

The basic requirements are:
  • Protection of consumer health and safety against hazards of electronics and power supply of the telecommunication device (electrical safety, for example, Low-Voltage Directive)
  • Protection of consumer health and safety against electromagnetic fields from devices (EMF safety/ SAR)
  • Protection requirements with respect to electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)
  • Effective use of allocated frequency spectra (according to ETSI, CENELEC, FCC, etc.)
Beyond our knowledge of standards and the use of frequency spectra, we support the entire development process for radio equipment; at the very least, we offer customer support for radio technology from A to Z! 


RED Directive:

Electrical Safety:

Electromagnetical Safety:
EN 62479, EN 62311
FCC Suppl. C to OET Bulletin 65 47 CFR § 2.1091 /2.1093

Efficient Spectra Use:
EN 300 220, RN 300 330
EN 300 440, EN 301 489
EN 300 328

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