EMC - Testing

Complete service is what makes us stand out! We offer comprehensive testing and consulting services for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) for your devices, machines, and systems, from early-stage development to product certification. As an accredited EMC testing laboratory, we can accommodate a wide range of electrical products and devices. Our services include:

  • Identification of test requirements
  • Support and clarification of applicable standards
  • Execution and documentation of required tests
  • EMC hardening, especially during EMC testing
  • Consulting on EMC-compliant product developments
  • Testing in parallel with development or/and consulting, and as special support during development
  • EMC scans of PCBs and ICs


 Equipment & Products:
 Germany: EMC Act (EMVG)
 United States: FCC, e.g. part 15, part 18, ...
 Machinery Equipment: