CE - Labeling

The “CE” mark is the accepted standard for product safety. This statement is based on a declaration by the manufacturer, but a third-party evaluation is recommended to enhance customer confidence about  a limited product liability.

To meet your product needs, IMST offers the following test categories: 

  • EMC – electromagnetic compliance
  • EMCEA/SAR testing – electromagnetic safety for users
  • Effective use of the frequency spectrum, per R&TTE, ETSI, CENELEC and others
  • Product-related directives: R&TTE, automotive
  • Radiation characteristics of antennas, e.g. over-the-air performance according to OTA
  • Tests of ambient conditions, including temperature, humidity, and vibration
As a useful hint to developers: To keep costs down, exact and timely information about certification requirements is required at the earliest stage of a development schedule. Thus, a sufficient assistance on regulation, standardisation and regulatory affairs will be quite helpful as well.

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