In the Public

Modern communication technology, such as GSM/UMTS/LTE cellular radio systems, WLAN and WiMAX, has raised concerns about possible adverse health-effects in humans.

There is already considerable controversy regarding the safety of electromagnetic fields generated by power transmission facilities such as high-voltage overhead lines and transformer stations. The possible effects of electromagnetic emissions  from television and radio transmitters are also the subject of debate.

German legislation enacted the “26th  Ordinance on the Implementation of the Federal Imission Control Act” (26. Verordnung zur Durchführung des Bundes-Immissionsschutzgesetzes (abbreviated 26. BImSchV)) to protect the public. This law deals with both high-frequency (10 MHz to 300 GHz) and low-frequency systems (50 Hz, 16 2/3 Hz).

The IMST Test Center offers:
  • Performance of measurement studies and evaluation of the results with respect to 26.BImSchV
  • Computer-based simulation and prediction of electromagnetic fields and exposure  distribution from different sources, including mobile radio base stations, high-voltage overhead lines, and other sources.
  • Performance of scientific-technical studies on electromagnetic immission
  • Expert testimony and technical reports admissible as evidence in legal proceedings
Our experience speaks for itself.  We are a powerful, independent partner in measurement, studies, offering expert evaluation and analysis.


 Public Exposure Limits: 26. BImSchV (Germany)
 Occupational: BGV/ BGR B11 (Germany)
 DIN VDE 0848 Teil 1 (Germany)
 Physical Agents: 2004/40/EC
 ICNIRP Recommendations