EM - Simulation

Simulation of electromagnetic fields has become the basis for developing and optimizing new high-tech products. These products are designed with a view to either obtain superior performance and ensuring the safety of people exposed to those electromagnetic fields as well. Physical modelling of humans in total and/ or body parts in close proximity to a product creates complex scenarios that can be simulated only with expert skills and the most sophisticated calculation methods and tools. Properly done, the simulation reduces development time and allows some steps in the process to be skipped entirely.

We offer you:
  • Calculation of electromagnetic fields for developing new products, for example in the automotive industry, power transmission engineering, medical technology, RFID, industrial measurement technology, and many other fields.
  • Calculation of electric, magnetic, and electromagnetic fields for evaluation of exposure to SAR and current densities with respect to user interference, for example with mobile phones, RFID, resistance welding systems, wireless power transmission, etc.…
  • Training  and consultation in using computer-based simulation and calculation methods
EMPIRE XPU™, developed by IMST, is one of the fastest EM simulation software programs on the market, allowing quick and accurate simulation of large electricmagnetic structures.