At Workplaces – Occupational Health

Employers’ Liability Insurance Associations have worked out accident and injury prevention regulations (abbreviated UVV for Unfallverhütungsvorschriften, Germany) for electromagnetic fields, referenced as BGV/BGR B11. These regulations are designed to prevent occupational injuries to employees, but they also offer liability protection for employers who observe these rules.

If you are a manufacturer or employer, the IMST Test Center validates your facility with measurements and EM simulations to ensure safety.

Specifically, we offer:
  • Measurement and validation of electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields with respect to BGV/BGR B11 (Germany) and others
  • Calculation and validation of electromagnetic fields and current density generated by machines and systems to develop safety concepts or for product design
  • Execution of scientific-technical studies on electromagnetic fields
  • Consultation on safety and risks of exposure to electromagnetic fields