SAR - Compliance

For manufacturers and network providers, the IMST Test Centre carries out SAR measurements according to appropriate regulations, directives, and various telecommunication standards for mobile and portable terminals, such as mobile phones, data cards, laptops, and WLAN equipment.

In addition to required certification tests e.g. in accordance with the European R&TTE directive, SAR measurements can be performed during the development (pre-compliance) and for quality assurance of mobile radio devices. Terminals are usually not only tested at different positions (at the head and body) but also in combination with accessories. We also offer measurements for WLAN devices and mobile data cards in the frequency range up to 6 GHz, which differentiates us from many other laboratories.

The SAR testing laboratory is a nationally and internationally well-recognised, publicly and independent facility for dosimetric measurements. We also offer SAR calculation for complex and non-standardised applications (e.g. see EM simulation and EMCEA/ SAR measurements for additions). Our mobile phone simulations and designs with head models and performance optimization complete our range of consultancy services.


 Telecommunications Standards (selection):
 Professional Mobiles: PMR, TETRA, TETRAPOL, ...
 DECT, WDCT, ...
 Bluetooth, WLAN: IEEE 802.11..., ...
 WiMAX, LTE ...
 Measurement Guidelines employed (selection):
 EN 50383/50384/50385,
 EN 62311/50360/50566
 FCC CFR 47 & rel. KDBs
 Radio-communications ACA Standard
 IEEE P1528-2013
 EN/IEC 62209-1
 EN/IEC 62209-2