Maxwell in Bits – Computer-Based Calculation of Electromagnetic Fields

The seminar is focused on the numerical calculation of electromagnetic fields with the goal of teaching participants to use simulation software more efficiently. Quasi-static fields and time- variant/transient fields are covered, starting with theoretical field theory and different methods of discretization for each type of electromagnetic field. The most frequently used numerical methods, finite differential methods (FDM & FDTD), are discussed; both algorithms are explained for common material distribution and inhomogeneous Cartesian coordinate systems.

After the more theoretical aspects are mastered, the participants learn how to implement the algorithms in a simple MATLAB™ program that simulates and displays electromagnetic fields. The last part of the course introduces a freely available simulator for quasi-static fields and the commercial software EMPIRE™.

Depending on their individual interests, the participants can then use these tools to analyze and optimize various pre-defined structures such as lines, filters, antennas or meta-materials that have recently attracted attention.

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