EMC Training Courses

We share fundamentals and up-to-the minute developments in EMC topics, including regulation, certification, and approval. Our seminars give you practical advice as well as insights to broaden your perspective.

We hold seminars on:
  • Type approval: updates on changes in standardization
  • Requirements of EMC, R&TTE and automotive directives
  • Testing procedures and test equipment
  • News about EMC/ EMF safety research
  • EMC components and EMC hardening
These seminars are given once or twice a year in Kamp-Lintfort, Germany. Please check the schedule in News. The target audience consists of research engineers, technicians, and everyone engaged in quality assurance in every aspect of the electrical industry. Seminar language is usually German, however, if there is a sufficient demand, seminars can be held in English, too.  

For further information about our services please refer to Test & Research.