CONGREEN – Wireless Charger for upcoming EV's

Eurofonds      Timeframe: Q1.2009 bis Q1.2011
      Project Reference: W0801AU014C

In the framework of this project inductive and contactless power transmission from the public power grid with 10kW to the receiving-system of a PHEV and/or a Micro HEV is established. The transmission path can be separated into four subsystems, converter, resonant coil system, rectifier package and the battery management system. In addition to high system efficiency maximum technical security and minimum exposure of passengers are important development goals.
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The following cooperation partners work in the group on the realization of the project:

IMST     IMST GmbH Kamp-Lintfort

    Institut für Kraftfahrtwesen Aachen der RWTH Aachen

   Stolberg HF in Stolberg