Spaceflight & Avionic

Extreme conditions impose extreme demands on hardware. Modules for space applications are required to fulfil unique specifications and characteristics. IMST's has engineers and scientists have the expertise to develop and manufacture space-certified hardware. We are currently involved in several different research projects and are at the leading edge of technology.


In the SANTANA project, IMST has developed a fully digital phased array mobile KA-band terminal consisting of transmit (Tx) and receive (Rx) modules for high data radte communication shich is deployable on aircrafts or ships. This terminal is equipped with electronically steerable antennas based on digital beam-forming. These antennas offer the greatest flexibility without the disadvantages inherent in mechanical beam steering systems.

TerraSAR X

IMST has developed and manufactured high-precision 1:32 RF-distribution networks for the earth observation satellite TerraSAR-X. Our devices provide accurate distribution of high-frequency signals at 9.65 GHz. In this application, the amplitude and phase stabilty directly impact the quality of the satellite radar images.