New LoRa module with LoRaWAN firmware

The new LoRa module iM880B-L by IMST GmbH has successfully passed the LoRa Alliance certification according to the LoRaWAN standard for the "Over the Air Activation" and "Activation by Personalization" activation modes.
The iM880B-L is the first certified LoRa module with a maximum rated output of 19dBm, which works in the license-free 868 MHz band and combines a powerful Cortex-M3 controller with the LoRa™ transceiver by the Semtech Corporation.

The use of the iM880B-L offers the following benefits:

- Very long ranges up to 15 km
- Scalability of bit rate, transmission capacity and range
- Simple and comfortable configuration with the "WIMOD_LoRaWAN_Endnode_Studio" software
- Option of integrating own applications into the controller with the LoRaWAN library 
- High flexibility through customer-specific adjustments of all aspects of the module
- More services including module integration, antenna design and radio licensing

The iM880B-L will soon be available for purchase in the Webshop.

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