IMST now also performs certification testing for LoRa Modules according to V1.0.1

Having performed certification tests for the LoRaWAN™ Specification V1.0 since November 2015, as of 27th of June the test centre operated by IMST GmbH is now also accredited to perform testing according to LoRaWAN™ Specification V1.0.1.

The tests conducted according to LoRaWAN™ Specification V1.0.1 are:

• Device Activation
• Test Application Functionality
• Over The Air Activation (if supported)
• Packet Error Rate Testing for receive window 2
• Cryptography test
• MAC Command test
• New Channel Request Command test
• Confirmed Packet test
• RX Parameter test
• RX Timing test
• Link Address Request as well as Packet Error Rate Testing for the first and second receive  

The results are recorded in a test report. If errors or deficiencies were to occur during the test, IMST specialists can provide assistance to customers in the elimination of faults. Subject to a positive test report, the LoRa Alliance issues a "LoRa Compliant V1.0.1" or "LoRa Compliant V1.0", as certification according to LoRaWAN™ Specification V1.0 is still offered.

The testing of the transmission and receiving of LoRa modules will also soon be available.
Furthermore, testing in accordance with LoRa Class C is also in the pipeline, with plans to implement the tests in the autumn of 2016.

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