SPECTORS collaborative project – IMST is carrying out research on "Monitoring of traffic safety-relevant areas/crossroads"

IMST is developing together with its Dutch partner OBTRASEC a monitoring system consisting of radar sensors in conjuction with controllable cameras and spotlights. The aim is to improve safety at level crossings in order to prevent rail traffic accidents involving people or other obstacles. It has been proven that suicide attempts, thefts sabotage happen more frequently in close proximity to railway crossings, so that the new security system also has the potential to reduce these incidents. These activities are integrated in the SPECTORS Project (short of: Sensor Products for Enterprise Creating Technological Opportunities in Remote Sensing).

SPECTORS is Dutch-German high-tech initiative to unlock the market potential of civilian drone technology through sensor innovation for remote detection and remote monitoring. Drones are increasingly used for a wide range of civilian applications and are gaining significance in the security sector, especially in times of terrorist attacks. But drones are not only increasingly popular for their protective function, but also as little helpers in everyday life. To exploit the market potential and tap into further potential applications, IMST has joined forces with various partners from sience and industry to undertake the SPECTORS research project ( run-time 01.09.2016 to 31.08.2020).

The takes of IMST include the development of a 24 GHz radar sensor, which operates in the 24 GHz ISM band and has a wide range of applications thanks to properties such as reliability and weather independence.

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