Wireless M-Bus Range Extender - Features

Smart meters provide a complete overview of water, gas, heat and electricity consumption, being suitable for both residential and commercial property management. The use of these sub-meters can lead to a considerable reduction of consumption and thus fundamentally improve th energy efficiency of buildings.

These devices are mostly communicating according to defined radio operation modes based on the Wireless M-Bus standard over a relative short range in urban areas. Therefore, a comprehensive, large-area reading of meters is not possible.

Numerous gateways to wide area networks such as GSM/LTE would normally be required. This leads to immense costs. By using LoRa® technology, cost-effective solutions can be provided. The LoRa modulation is a perfect mean to increase the coverage of existing networks thanks to its Long Range and Low Power capabilities. Futhermore a LoRa radio chip is able to operate both technologies- LoRa and Wireless M-Bus in one radio.

The new Range Extender integrates both technologies LoRaWAN® and Wireless M-Bus in one battery driven device. A typical use case for the Range Extender is to collect Wireless M-Bus messages from several utility meters and forward those over high distances into a LoRaWAN® network.

The Range Extender allows a flexible configuration of calendar events for Wireless M-Bus reception windows as well as device filtering by Manufacturer ID and Device ID to select specific groups of meters. Even large Wireless M-Bus messages with maximum payload size can be forwarded with LoRaWAN® radio packets by means of an integrated segmentation and reassembly protocol.

This LoRaWAN® certified device includes a long life Lithium battery which ensures in combination with the new ultra-low power radio module iM881A-XL a life time of up to 10 years and more.

The user friendly configuration tool offers an easy way to modify the radio-, calendar- and filter-settings at any time. Furthermore, the reed switch allows activation after installation using the preconfigured factory settings. That means, no additional handling during installation in the field is needed.

All data gathered by the Range Extender can be stored in the cloud for remote analysis and processing. In this way the utility cost in residential and commercial buildings can be easily collected, time and effort for billing can be reduced, and energy efficiency can be optimized.

You also can find a short presentation of the Range Extender on Youtube.