Radiation and sensitivity performance measurement for LoRa products

The IMST's testing center, which was accredited last year by LoRa Alliance™ for LoraWAN™ certifications, has expanded its portfolio with another service.

In cooperation with Keysight Technologies, it was possible to develop a method that allows for the implementation of radiation and sensitivity performance measurements for LoRa products.

From a regulatory point of view, the main requirement on ISM devices (e.g. with 868 MHz) is that their effective radiated power (ERP) may not exceed +14 dBm (or 25mW) in any direction. This therefore sets an upper limit for the radio performance  of end-devices. In general, the first quality feature of an end-device can be derived from the effective total transmission power (TRP) measured at the IMST.

Furthermore, the TIS (Total Isotropic Sensitivity) is measured in order to determine the terminal's received power. IMST provides a test report that, in addition to the results of the radiation and sensitivity performance measurement, also contains antenna diagrams showing the minimum and maximum values for the TRP and TIS parameters. Based on these values, telecommunication providers can grade devices and ensure a high network availability and performance. At the same time, manufacturers can of course also benefit from these measurements when developing their devices.

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