IMST wins new project: "Multi-feed antenna for the GeReLEO technology experiment"(GeReLEO-MFA)

The GeReLEO-SMART project is devoted to the realisation of a proto-flight model for a geostationary data relay installed on the German Heinrich-Hertz satellite. From this development, the realisation of the reception antenna in Ka-band has been transferred to the GeReLEO-MFA project. It is the goal to have the results of GeReLEO-MFA (consortium: RWTH Aachen, First Sensor Lewicki, IMST) integrated into the GeReLEO-SMART project at the appropriate time, and to integrate the antenna developed here into the GeReLEO-SMART payload. IMST has the task of project coordinator and is also responsible for the sevelopment of an alternative antenna aperture in waveguide technology. The project will be funded by DLR Bonn, it starts 1th of December and the duration is approximately 26 months.

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