Empire XPU - New FDTD simulation speed record

Empire XPU achieves new world record for FDTD simualtion speed:

50 billion FDTD cells per second!

Complexe 3D EM models of e.g. antenna frontends and multilayer circuits can be solved very efficiently using the Empire XPU cluster solver. Multiple consumer PCs or workstations can be combined for a single simulation. An impressive speed over 50 billion FDTD cells per second (GC/s) can be achieved for model sizes of up to 5 billion FDTD cells, using four AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3970X with 64 GB memory each. The picture below shows the performance for up to four combined PCs when simulating a multiport LTCC module including losses. Compared to GPU solutions the Empire XPU cluster solver is superior regarding simulation speed, simulation size and hardware costs.