New speed record for FDTD EM simulation with EMPIRE XPU

IMST's 3D electromagnetic field simulator EMPIRE XPU has achieved a new speed record. On a quad Intel Xeon server, a simulation performance of up to 21 billion FDTD cells per second was achieved with the new version 7.51.

With its Just In Time (JIT), processor adapted code generation, EMPIRE XPU fully exploits the processor architecture. Thanks to multiple time stepping and parallelisation on all core cashes, low memory bandwidth of the main memory interface is no longer a constraint.

In contrast to solutions that use graphics accelerators, the technology achieved with EMPIRE XPU allows the usage of the entire built-in main memory (RAM). A very high speed can thus be achieved for all model sizes, from 1 million FDTD cells up to more than 6,5 billion FDTD cells.

Graphics: Performance figures using EMPIRE XPU compared to an up-to-date GPU solution.

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