New Empire XPU 7.50 - Now available

Since many years now, Empire has been one of the leading 3D electromagnetic field simulator based on the powerful 3D Finite Difference Time Domain Method (FDTD). Due to its unique XPU technology is the performance of Empire superior compared to most other EM solvers.

The outstanding features of the new version are:

+ New intuitive 3D Design

Easily create and edit sophisticated models in 3D. The 3D design mode allows intuitive modelling and supports unlimited local coordinate systems and complements the 2D design mode with superior editing functionalities for planar multilayer designs.

+ Data exchange

Many industry standard CAD formats and vendor projects supported, i.e. ODB++, ACIS, CATIA, IGES, STEP, and more.

+ Cloud computing

Batch processing on Amazon EC2 hosts. The Amazon EC2 cloud provides worldwide a large selection of instance types fitting all simulation needs from small single core PCs up to large 64 core workstations with 2TB main memory.

Further new features include:

- Local coordinate systems (LCS)
- Faster modelling kernel with less memory usage for import, visualization, meshing
- Debye model creation based on tabular data
- Off-axis RLC elements
- Equations for parlameters
- Extended source, object and template libraries
- Broadband far field recording
- Far field browser with arbitrary cut planes
- NUMA support for multi CPU machines
- Frequency dependent magnetic materials
- New tutorials for 3D design

Demo videos and tutorials on

A demo version of 7.50 is available here

For more information about Empire XPU visit the website