ESoA Course on Industrial Antenna Design 2017 - May 15th to May 19th in Kamp-Lintfort/Germany

The design of antennas for commercial applications like mobile phones, laptop computers, WLAN mobile devices and antennas for automotive communications is driven by many more issues in addition to the antenna concept.

In such industrial projects the antenna design is one part in the whole chain of development. Therefore the antenna designer has to collaborate with teams from many other disciplines like mechanical design, compliance testing, etc. in order to arrive at a good product. During the design of the product, the antenna designer should be able to anticipate the influence of possible changes in the product specifications and be flexible to adapt his antenna concept to the next design step. Further more, the designer has to ensure that his design is reliable and cost efficient. This course on "Industrial Antenna Design" aims to prepare the participant for this kind of work. The course will cover lectures, practical work and team based project work using state of the art design tools and applications.

This year edition of the "Industrial Antenna Design" course will focus on the design of automotive radar antennas.

Outline of the course

Industrial antenna design fundamentals (lectures)

- General issues of industrial antenna design
- Intellectual property rights
- Project management
- Antenna design and integration into products
- Efficient usage of 3D EM design software

The project (Practical Assigment & Project work)

- Design of an antenna for a state of the art application
- Work in a project team on a project schedule
- Design and build prototypes according to different phases of the product
- Measure the performance of your antenna in the application

Course Organizers

Dipl. -Ing. Winfried Simon, IMST GmbH
Prof. Dirk Manteuffel, University of Hannover

Additional Course Lecturers

Dr. Abderrahim Moumen, European Patent Office
Dr. -Ing. Marta Martinez Vazquez, IMST GmbH
Dipl.-Ing. Oliver Litschke, IMST GmbH


- No cancellation fee until 30 days before seminar date.
- 25 % cancellation fee until 7 days before seminar date.
- No imbursement, when cancelled within 7 days prior to seminar date.


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