Besides classical µC circuits, embedded Linux systems are - an indispensable part of modern devices and systems in the digital age of the Internet of Things (IoT9. Shrunk down to the size of only a fingernail, they offer the functions and interfaces of a full-blown computer system. All this is realised with lowest costs and power consumption.

IMST offers software development and hardware integration for current µC platforms as well as for embedded Linux systems. For customer-specific projects, we offer the development of the needed hardware as well.

  • Software development and configuration for embedded Linux systems
  • Software development and configuration for bare metal µC systems of systems with lightweight operating systems
  • Module integration of embedded Linux modules
  • Digital circuit design for µC circuits and embedded Linux solutions

Embedded Linux
The integration of ARM processors and FPGA resources by Xilinx was a major milestone in system integration. Fast system control, complex signal processing combined in hardware and software with diverse and broadband interfaces are available on a single chip (e.g. with the Zynq device family).

IMST is familiar with the realisation of different Linux systems on ARM processors, with a special focus on the SoC devices of Xilinx. With our long lasting experience and up-to-date knowledge, we realise your individual solutions fast and cost efficient. Our membership in the Xilinx Allicance Partner Program emphasises our competence in this area.

µC Solutions
The importance of small and cheap µC circuits has been growing in the last years due to the trends in Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things. We offer fast hardware development and integration. Afterwards, our specialists in embedded µC software are ready to add the necessary software – with or without an operating system on the target. Your customer application and - I if required - additional firmware are quickly implemented and tested.

Our portfolio includes most of the current semiconductor companies with their respective µC components. We select them according to your choice – but we can also recommend a component with best match to your requirements. For a good support, we maintain co-operations with alle major semiconductor manufacturers.