Nonlinear Transistor Modeling - TOPAS

TOPAS – TransistOr PArameter Scaleable – model is our high-precision, non-linear transistor model for simulating any unipolar transistor structure based on material systems, such as GaAs, GaN, InP or even Si LDMOS. Due to its special equivalent element circuitry, TOPAS can optimize small signal circuit elements without changing the perfect agreement between static simulations and measurements. One model is suitable for different kinds of applications.  The model can be Implemented into the commonly used circuit simulation software ADS™ by Keysight Technologies with consistent results. For low input power, a large signal simulation converts into an identical small signal simulation , even though all intrinsic equivalent circuit elements are driven by both the gate-source and the drain-source voltage. This control functionality means that TOPAS is valid for all bias points.

Model advantages:
  • consistent
  • self heating included
  • noise
  • scaling with number of fingers or finger width
  • yield analysis possible
  • Keysight Technologies ADS™ design kit available
  • Stand-alone extraction software for Windows™ PC available
Additional services:
IMST offers measurement and extraction of any (non-) linear model.