Radio Channel

Knowledge of wave propagation and radio channels is mandatory for design, implementation and rollout of modern radar and radio systems. It is needed for analysis and prediction of coverage, link quality and impact of interference and mobility issues. These characteristics are already optimized in the design phase of a development project.

IMST offers services regarding the analysis, modelling, and simulation of the radio channel for a large number of radio systems that are already in operation or are currently being developed. The core task in most cases is the simulation of the radio wave propagation with our in-house radio channel simulator based on EM raytracing and other algorithms. (RCS). On customer demand, specific measurement setups can be configured for validation of the simulated data.

  • Radio channel simulation & modelling for communication & radar systems
  • Performance assessments for radio devices in selected environments
  • Technical feasibility studies
  • Assessments of EM field strengths, link budgets, coverage and interference

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