MMIC Design

Systems with high demands in operating frequency, output power, low noise, and linearity have important  applications in automotive radar, broadband communications, radio relay systems, optoelectronics, cellular phone power amplification, and the measurement and instrumentation industry. These systems need powerful, monolithic microwave integrated circuits (MMIC).

To meet their performance requirements, designers must use GaAs, InP, GaN, SiGe and other heterostructure compound-semiconductor components. The business environment can pose even greater  challenges, such as time-to-market, cost, and reliable design approaches.  Modern circuit design must find new ways to overcome these demands. The circuit design process must begin with both the systems architecture (application, top-down) and the technology (model setup, bottom-up) to achieve  efficient, cost-effective results. 

Our independent design centre offers future-proof solutions by considering both these approaches. We cooperate with leading semiconductor manufacturers such as:

- OMMIC (France)
- United Monolithic Semiconductors (UMS, Germany & France)
- Infineon Technologies
- Global Foundries (USA)
- WIN Semiconductors (USA & Taiwan)

We can define the appropriate architecture, select a custom-tailored, cost-efficient technology, and create an innovative design. In addition, we have sophisticated measurement and characterisation capabilities along with a highly accurate model setup of passive and active components. For example, many high-frequency applications today can make use of the SiGe technology, which offers high transit frequencies and excellent 1/f-noise behaviour.

mm-wave SiGe design

SiGe MMICs also allow the integration of digital functionality. Therefore, we can develop SiGe oscillators or even complete synthesisers with excellent phase noise performance. Our service range includes the appropriate architecture definition, innovative design, sophisticated testing, customised, cost-efficient technology selection, plus supporting services and application support. In short, we support you from the product definition up to its application.