Digital Circuits

In the last few years, the digital part of an electronic circuit turned out to become the central functional core for nearly all implementations. With a large variety of interfaces, analogue frontends are controlled, data is received, processed and forwarded. Web based user interfaces are self-evident parts of the hardware even in small hardware implementations.

Our experts realise manifold digital implementations according to your requirements. Starting from the selection of matching components, the creation of interface and functional specifications up to schematic design and the PCB layout. The latest EMC requirements are being considered. These services are offered for simple µC circuits as well as for the most complex FPGA and SoC based realizations.

  • Architecture definition and interface specification
  • Component selection and cost calculation
  • Electronic circuit simulation to ensure signal integrity in all frequency ranges.
  • Schematic design and PCB layout for multi-layer stacks
  • Production control, test and validation
  • Implementation of the necessary firmware and operating software for the selected processors
  • Programming of CPLD and FPGA components with VHDL