Steerable Antennas

The rapid development of broadband satellite services, has created an attractive market for mobile satellite terminals for maritime, aeronautical and land applications.  These terminals provide on-the-move multimedia satellite broadcasting services for L-band, Ku-band and K-/Ka-band frequencies, and they all require cost-effective, agile steerable antenna frontends. Steerable antennas are a key part of our portfolio. We offer small arrays with switchable elements, partially mechanically and electronically steerable arrays (hybrid systems), and fully electronically steerable front ends.

IMST has a 12-year history specializing in:

The design of steerable arrays involves different areas of expertise, all available in-house at IMST:
  • Antenna Design
  • RF-Feeding Networks
  • MMIC-Design
  • Packaging (Soft Substrate, LTCC)
  • TX/RX Units
  • Beam Forming/Steering Algorithms
  • Signal Processing
  • FPGA Programming
  • Complex RF Measurements