Research Projects

IMST is currently participating in the following research projects:

SANTANA – Smart Antenna Terminal

Development of new technologies for planar electronically steerable antennas for mobile applications.
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IRIS – Intelligent Array with Integrated Steering

Development of an electronically steerable antenna for maritime Satcom. Existing mechanically steerable systems suffer from mechanical stress and have limited lifetimes.
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The development of MEMS resistive switches suitable for integration on MMIC's. These components can be used to design phase-shifters, tuneable LNAs, and other building blocks for terminal frontends.
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KABTEC (SecureAirCom)

Development of an ultra-wideband location and communication system for application in airplane cabins. The main project, KABTEC, seeks to improve total cabin architecture, including seats, using innovative technology.
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Development of (re)configurable multi-standard antennas for mobile devices. A basic goal of this project is to replace current hardware based platforms with software-defined platforms for multi-standard use.

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ARTIC  – Antenna Research and Technology for the Intelligent Car

Supporting the transfer of antenna technology expertise knowledge from ACE to the Intelligent Car Initiative, and eSafety in particular, in order to best implement the new subsystems for improved safety, higher transport system efficiency, reliable information to drivers etc.

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Antenna Systems and Sensors  for Information Society Technologies (ASSIST)

Since its creation in 1971, COST has provided an intergovernmental framework for European Co-operation in the field of Scientific and Technical Research. Its goal is to strengthen the competitiveness of Europe's scientific and technical research for peaceful purposes.

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