Every wireless communication device requires an antenna, but this key element is often neglected by developers.  At IMST, antenna development has been one of our core businesses for more than 10 years.

This gives us a competitive edge in designing antennas for different applications,  from low-cost integrated antennas for wireless devices to complex electronic steerable systems. We cover the complete spectrum of antenna technology: initial consulting, design review, simulation, realisation, measurement characterisation, type approval, and production organisation.

We guide you through all these phases  to ensure that the end product is compliant with your wishes. Each or our highly experienced developers has a field of expertise, for example, sat-terminal antennas, phased arrays, planar structures, mobile phone antennas, PBG structures, wire antennas, waveguides, or sensors.

Our antenna development is supported by a wide range of powerful measurement facilities, some of which have been specially designed to in-house specifications or your criteria. The following paragraphs provide a more detailed description of these services.