SANTANA – Smart Antenna Terminal

Funded by: DLR Space Agency, Bonn (BMWi)   
Timeframe: 2007–2010 (Santana III)
Project Reference: 50 YB 0710
Partner: TU-Hamburg-Harburg, DLR Oberpfaffenhofen, Astrium GmbH, EPAK GmbH, RHe Microsystems GmbH.

Project goal: Development of new technologies for planar electronically steerable antennas for mobile applications, including satellite communications on ships, cars and airplanes. The project covers the research and development of innovative system architectures and new antenna concepts. A special focus of SANTANA is the creation of a flat electronically steerable antenna using digital beam forming at Ka band. Now in the third project phase, a new system architecture has been developed that can handle several thousand radiating elements in parallel. This innovative concept will be presented at the end of this project phase.
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