KABTEC (SecureAirCom)

Funded by: DLR Bonn, LUFO IV (BMWi)          
Timeframe: 2006–2010
Project reference: 20K0604H
Partner: Airbus, AIDA Development GmbH, Apparatebau Gauting GmbH, Diehl Aerospace GmbH, DLR e.V., EADS Deutschland GmbH, IMST GmbH, Monogram Systems GmbH, Rheinmetall Defence Electronics GmbH, Sell GmbH, WITTENSTEIN A&S GmbH, Comtronic GmbH, Hochschule Pforzheim (IAF), Opsira GmbH   

Project goal: Development of an ultra-wideband location and communication system in airplane cabins. The main project, KABTEC, seeks to improve total cabin architecture, including seats, using innovative technology. The project is based on a modular approach to the use of components, offering greater comfort, efficiency, and utility even in economy class. The sub-project, SecureAirCom, focuses on the development of an ultra-wideband system. This location and communication system will be used by the crew to improve crisis management during an emergency. A special problem is the specific propagation channel conditions in the cabin; these have to be taken into account to optimize the configuration of the RF base stations integrated in the cabin ceiling and the mobile stations, which are tags worn by the crew.