ASSIST: "Antenna Systems and Sensors for Information Society Technologies"


COST IC-0603 “Antenna Systems and Sensors for Information Society Technologies” (ASSIST)

FP7 / ESF (European Science Foundation)
COST has been an intergovernmental framework for European co-operation in scientific and technical research since its creation in 1971. Its goal is to strengthen the competitiveness of Europe's scientific and technical research for peaceful purposes. COST actions are excellent frameworks for innovative blue-sky research at the pre-competitive stage. The work is done with the internal budgets available at universities, with COST assuming a coordination role, and with commercial interests that support academic research. Short-term scientific projects, supported by industry and by COST, promote the exchange of researchers and doctoral research

Main Objectives:

  • Assist in the research and development of antenna systems and sensors required for the new ubiquitous “wireless society”
  • Coordinate existing research
  • Suggest new topics
  • Contribute to the visibility of antenna activities in Europe and lobby for new projects
  • Create a European antenna-research community
  • Hold conferences and workshops
  • Exchange of researchers
  • Foster cooperation between academia and industry
  • Increase public awareness of antenna-related issues 
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