Committees and Partners

IMST GmbH and its employees are active in many national and international organisations. Some of the most important are:
  • ITG in VDE
  • Competence Network for Mobile Radio, Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs, Coordinator: Professor Dr.-Ing. Peter Waldow
  • VDE/DKE - K764: Safety in electromagnetic fields, measurement and calculation procedures
    Commission on Radiation Protection of the Federal Republic of Germany, SSK-A6 – Non-ionizing radiation
  • GUS: Society for Environmental Simulation e.V., Germany
  • COST BM 704: Emerging EMF technologies and health risk management
  • VDE/VDI GMA-FA 3.12: Calibration of measurement equipment for electrical quantities
  • VDE - ITG 7.1: Antennas
  • VDE - ITG 7.2: Radio Systems
  • VDE - ITG 9.1: Measurement of information technology
  • VDE - ITG Focus Group: Energy Information Networks and Systems