Steerable Antennas

Because of the rapid development of broadband satellite services, mobile satellite terminals are becoming a more commercially interesting market for maritime, aeronautical and land mobile applications, providing on-the-move multimedia satellite broadcasting services for frequency bands like L-band, Ku-band and K-/Ka-band. These terminals all require cost effective, agile steerable antenna frontends. They are a key part of the IMST portfolio, which includes not only small arrays with switchable elements and partially mechanically and electronically steerable arrays (hybrid systems) but also fully electronically steerable frontends.

IMST has a 12-year history specializing in:   

The design of steerable arrays involves different areas of expertise, all available in-house at IMST:


  • Antenna Design
  • RF-Feeding Networks
  • MMIC-Design
  • Packaging (Soft Substrate, LTCC)
  • TX/RX Units
  • Beam Forming/Steering Algorithms
  • Signal Processing
  • FPGA Programming
  • Complex RF Measurements