Compliance - Acting Responsibly

Compliance - Acting Responsibly
Compliance Compliance is an essential part of our daily business. We are convinced that only those who act responsibly will remain successful in the long term. For us, this means not only complying with the law, but also aligning our own actions with common ethical values. The foundation of our compliance management is based on national and international standards and is applied for national and international purposes at IMST GmbH.
  • Properly functioning and unhindered competition is one of the cornerstones of the international economic system. It creates growth and jobs and ensures that, as consumers, we can all have modern products at favourable prices.

    IMST also benefits from properly functioning competition, because laws and regulations also protect us from unlawful agreements and excessive prices. This means that we are committed to ensuring that there is fair competition in the markets and complying with applicable antitrust and competition laws.

    Every individual plays an important role in ensuring compliance with the law and internal regulations.

  • Corruption is massively damaging – to fair competition, society and, of course, our company. That is why we are committed to combating corruption of any kind. We actively work to ensure that not only we ourselves, but also our business partners, abide by internationally recognised principles of fair competition. We perform our tasks in accordance with applicable laws and rules and our corporate principles (Quality Policies).

  • Our aim is to ensure that human rights are respected by us, our partners and our suppliers – from the extraction of raw materials, to processing plants, to our own production and use, and finally also in distribution and with our customers.

    We want our products to contain only raw materials and materials that have been extracted and produced without violating human rights and environmental standards. Due to the complexity of supply chains and the large number of raw materials and materials in our products, IMST has adopted a risk-based and strategic approach to this. We use various measures and concepts to sustainably manage our supply chain, including supplier screenings, risk-based analyses and training for suppliers. In addition to compliance with social standards and environmental regulations, this approach also allows us to achieve greater transparency in the supply chain.

    We can only achieve the goal of an ethically sound supply chain together with our suppliers. After all, there is no legal way to have access the entire supply chain, i.e. it is not possible to access the entire supply chain by purely legal means. In addition, we do not purchase raw materials straight from the source, but already in processed form or as part of components or assemblies. That is why we work with our direct suppliers and oblige them to pass on our standards within the supply chain as well.

    IMST GmbH rejects any kind of discrimination in employment and occupation, slavery, child labour, threats to persons defending human rights and other violations of human rights. Furthermore, IMST GmbH attaches particular importance to the protection of fundamental rights at work. We work towards ensuring that not only we, but also our business partners – in particular, suppliers and their sub-suppliers abide by these principles.

  • Diversity among our employees is our strength and a key factor for our success. The different skills, perspectives and experiences build the foundation for innovation and help us understand the needs of our customers around the world and translate them into creative solutions. A high level of respect, tolerance and cooperation characterise our corporate culture.

    Diversity and inclusion are part of the corporate strategy that shapes our conscious handling of diversity and individuality. For us as a globally active company, this is a fundamental factor for economic success. In accordance with our principles, we approach each other openly and with an attitude that is characterised by mutual respect, tolerance and fairness. We aim for equal opportunities for all.

    Any form of discrimination, harassment or bullying is in conflict with our self-image and has no place at IMST GmbH. It is our shared task to create a fair, tolerant, appreciative and collegial working environment.

    The right to freedom of opinion applies to statements made by employees. When expressing opinions in public, at events, in public online forums or in social media networks where we are recognisable as IMST employees, we take care to identify personal views as such.

    We work together with all employees, employee representatives and trade unions in a respectful and trusting manner. In doing so, we strive for a fair balance between the economic interests of the company and the interests of the employees. Even in the event of controversial disputes, it remains our goal to jointly create and maintain a viable basis for constructive cooperation.

  • Networking and digitisation are key factors for the future. Our aspiration is to handle data responsibly. We do not collect personal data in an inappropriate manner and ensure that the existing data in the corporate sphere is secure. In doing so, we focus our customers' needs. Our adapted information security management supports us in planning, implementing and controlling measures to comply with data protection requirements.

    It is important to us that our customers and business partners can rely on responsible and secure handling of their data.

    Applying and using the information security framework, we take responsibility for the information we process. Trade secrets, such as inventions and patents, keep us ahead of our competitors. We comply with laws and regulations on the protection of trade secrets and respect the trade secrets of competitor companies, business partners and customers.

  • We ensure the legal and regulatory compliance of our processes and products throughout the entire product life cycle. In doing so, we respect the meaning and purpose of the relevant laws and regulations. In the case of unclear legal framework conditions, our employees find orientation through established structures and processes.

    We are familiar with the regulations that affect our field of work and ensure that our level of knowledge is always up to date. We consider the potential impact of our actions at all stages of the life cycle of our products. We openly address potential risks in our work environment.

    As employees, we have a central role: from the initial idea to the disposal of our products, we contribute, as technical experts, to taking into account the legal and internal requirements as well as the expectations of our customers and society, and to strengthening their trust in our products.

    IMST owns several patents and other property rights; these are important corporate resources and ensure that we can operate competitively and effectively in the market. That is why we ensure that they are not abused by third parties. It is equally important to avoid unauthorised use of other people's intellectual property.

  • Not only in the manufacturing of our products, but also in our efforts to protect the environment, we do our best. We strive for an optimised environmental and energy balance, meet the increasing demands of consumers and the face current and future ecological challenges.

    The measures for environmentally compatible and energy-efficient design encompass the entire range of services offered by IMST GmbH and take into account the complete product life cycle from design and production to disposal and recycling.

  • We use resources carefully and sustainably. We do this because of our social and environmental responsibility, out of respect for and commitment to our owners and employees, and because it is in our interest to work in a company that operates ecologically and sustainably.

    As a matter of principle, we use material and intellectual property, assets and other company resources only for business purposes. Exceptions apply if company regulations permit the private use of company resources. Wasting resources reduces the company's assets and can also damage its reputation. We therefore ensure that we use resources responsibly and economically in our environment.

  • As a globally active company, we observe national and international economic sanctions and support the community of states in the fight against money laundering and terrorist financing.

    The employees of affected departments, e.g. Sales, stay up to date about current sanctions lists at all times. The employees who are responsible for the business processes are required to set up these processes in such a way that any form of white-collar crime is prevented.

  • In addition, special restrictions apply to certain goods and countries, e.g. military equipment embargoes. Every employee observes strict compliance with foreign trade regulations within the scope of their responsibility.

    Strict compliance with foreign trade regulations is elementary for IMST. External trade regulations must generally be observed when exporting goods, intangible goods and services. Restrictions generally apply to military goods and civilian products that can also be used for military purposes.

  • Our employees' health, safety and well-being are a high priority. We create a working environment where everyone can perform to the best of their ability while maintaining their physical and mental health.

    High technical and operational safety standards are the foundation of our work. We aim to prevent work accidents and work-related illnesses. To achieve this, we rely on our employee's cooperation.

    At IMST GmbH, we comply with work safety regulations and use prescribed protective equipment. We pay attention to safe working conditions and report suspected safety and health risks. We do not work under the influence of alcohol and drugs if this endangers our own safety or the safety and integrity of others. IMST GmbH offers health-promoting and prevention-oriented programmes and relies on the active participation of employees.

    Our work culture is based on trust and respect. IMST GmbH creates framework conditions that support employees in their individual life situations to give their best and remain productive. In this way, we enable all employees to contribute to our success in the best possible way. For this purpose, we offer various opportunities and programmes to balance work and private life.

  • Violations of laws, guidelines and other regulations can lead to massive economic damage, risks under criminal law and fines for companies and their employees, as well as damage to their image and reputation, refusal to grant permits and exclusion from national markets. Therefore, violations must be recognised in good time to avert damage and ensure fair cooperation.

    If we as employees – but this also applies to business partners and suppliers throughout the supply chain – observe a breach of the rules or have reason to suspect that a breach may have occurred, please do not hesitate to raise this issue (contact form).

    Our reporting system (contact form) is open to all employees, business partners and third parties who wish to report breaches of rules that pose a high risk to our company and its employees.

    The reporting system monitors the processing of reports until the conclusion of the procedure. The whistleblower system ensures the confidentiality of all parties concerned. We attach great importance to fairness – in how we deal with whistleblowers and those affected. The principle of proportionality is always kept in mind and in each individual case it is examined which consequences are suitable, necessary and appropriate.

    If you have any information about rule violations, please use the contact form on this page.

Anonymous whistleblowing system
Anonymous whistleblowing system If you have any information about rule violations, please use the following contact form. Report hint

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