R&TTE Radio Devices

Telecommunication is part of everyday life. The R&TTE directive (Radio & Telecommunications Terminal Equipment) is an European directive for telecommunication devices and common radio equipment.

Its basic requirements are:
  • Protection of consumer health and safety against hazards of electronics and power supply of the telecommunication device (electrical safety, for example, Low-Voltage Directive)
  • Protection of consumer health and safety against electromagnetic fields from devices (EMF safety/ SAR)
  • Protection requirements with respect to electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)
  • Effective use of allocated frequency spectra (according to ETSI, CENELEC, FCC, etc.)
Beyond knowledge of standards and use of frequencies, we support the entire development process for radio equipment; at least, we offer customer support for radio technology from A to Z! 


 R&TTE Directive:
 Electrical Safety:
 Electromagnetical Safety:
 EN 62479, EN 62311
 FCC Suppl. C to OET Bulletin 65
 47 CFR § 2.1091 / 2.1093
 Efficient Spectra Use:
 EN 300 220, RN 300 330
 EN 300 440, EN 301 489
 EN 300 328