The "KAT" - Automotive and RADAR Sensing

The "KAT"

The "KAT"  - Competence Center & Initiative Automotive Technology

 Automotive Electronics -- One of the current growth markets for wireless and multimedia technology.

IMST  establishes since 2008, a center of excellence for automotive technology, called the "das KAT". The name is not chosen by chance - as a catalyst speeds up processes, not consuming themselves, should be the "das KAT" a development platform for companies and universities - true to the credo: jointly develop,  while market the solutions separately. Advanced communications, detection techniques, and procedures for wireless transfer of energy are the focus of the developments. This enables wireless communication systems, e.g.  car-to-car  (C2C) and car-to-infrastructure (C2I), communication and routing platforms, but also the development of new components for networking in the automobile, such as wireless sensor networks, tire pressure sensors, radar sensors for automotive and  of course dedicated antennas.

RADAR Sensing Technology

The IMST has developed a radar demonstrator at 24 GHz to measure distance and speed by the common FMCW-method. The device is well suited for use in cars for driver assistance systems. It can detect objects up to a distance of 30 m around the vehicle. Especially safety features such as collision warning and avoidance, mitigation of the blind spot, but also support functions such as a parking-aid can be realized with this smart device. Moreover, there are a variety of applications in the industrial sector, wherever distances and velocities are to be measured accurately by means of microwaves. Equally conceivable is the use in buildings and areas around them, because the sensor operates in the 24 GHz ISM band as well.

The following specifications provide an overview of the functionality and specifications of the radar sensor:

 RADAR-Sensor:  FMCW (frequency modulated continues wave)
 Operating Frequency:
 24 GHz (fISM = 24,125 GHz)
 2 GHz (bISM = 0,250 GHz)
 Accuracy:  ± 1 cm
 10 cm
 Distance:  10 cm bis 30 m
 Output Power:
 <10 dBm
 Antenna Pattern:   
 ±15° Elevation
   ±30° Azimut 

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