One of the essential software features for wireless communication systems is the protocol software. Often implemented as “middleware,” it has special requirements -- real time, delay, jitter, reliability and security -- that must be taken into account during its design, implementation and testing. VPNs (virtual private networks) are used to connect mobile or nomadic equipment securely to an infrastructure. Redundancy concepts ensure reliability even in difficult environments.

We develop unique, custom-tailored protocol software solutions for various communication technologies, applications and special uses, such as medium access, data link control, routing and security.  Seamless vertical handover from UMTS™ to WiFi™ or WiMAX™ without losing an existing connection is just  one of the innovative solutions we  provide.

Other protocols allow redundant transmission of data over different wireless links for enhanced reliability. With our leading-edge antenna development and signal- processing algorithms, we create total solutions for your extraordinary challenges.