Far Field Measurement

The indoor range at IMST GmbH is a combined near- and far-field measurement system installed in a completely shielded anechoic chamber. The very low reflections of the absorber configuration enables measurements over a very wide frequency range from 400 MHz up to 110 GHz for far field measurements. We also to offer calibration of standard gain horn antennas.

Utilizing the installed roll-over-azimuth-over-elevation positioner, full 3D radiation patterns of antennas can be performed at very high accuracies at a minimum impact from the positioner device.


  • Shielded Anechoic Chamber: 8 m x 12 m x 5.5 m
  • Frequency range: 400 MHz to 110 GHz
  • Measurement Distance: 0 m to 8 m
  • Maximum Antenna Load: 300 kg
  • Angular resolution of the 3-axis-positioner: < 0.5°