Digital Circuitry

The main application of digital circuitry is the baseband control unit and the signal processing unit acting between analog circuits (e.g. sensors/actuators), RF modules, digital interfaces and user interfaces (keypads, text/graphics displays and acoustic signals).

IMST offers the following services:
  • Selection of suitable technologies and components depending on specifications and requirements for
          o    Discrete logic
          o    Programmable logic (CPLDs and FPGAs up to complexities of more than 3M gates)
          o    Microcontrollers (µC/µP) (e.g. Atmel ATmega Family; Renesas M16, M32; Texas
                Instruments MSP430, C2000; Microchip PIC)
          o    Digital signal processors (DSP) (e.g. Freescale, Analog Devices)
          o    Qualified power supply concepts
  • Implementation of standard busses (e.g. USB, RS-232C, CAN, Ethernet, LVDS) as well as customer-specific busses.
  • Programming of CPLDs and FPGAs using VHDL by using graphical design tools (e.g. VisualHDL, Xilinx ISE). High-volume designs are implemented in ASICs utilizing Cadence Virtuoso and other tools.
  • Programming of firmware for a chosen microcontroller.
  • Multilayer PCB designs where digital circuits, analog circuits, and RF circuits are closely integrated and tightly coupled. We also specialize in EMC- and ESD-compatible layouts.