Mobile Phones and Wireless Terminals

Antenna Development and Integration

Good antennas are not necessarily expensive. IMST understands the balance between antenna performance, antenna size and production costs. Sometimes a small PCB antenna is all you need for excellent performance. Our success is based on our ability to develop individualized designs tailored to a specific terminal geometry, planned production volumes, preferred materials, and fixation technologies. Once a development is complete, the project can be immediately transferred to our EMC experts to check performance and CE conformity, which saves you time and money.


IMST has the versatility to produce antennas by press-bent parts in combination with plastics, FR4, flex-film or ceramic materials. Based on your technical requirements and your expectations on production volumes and costs, we can guide you to the most appropriate choices in manufacturing, optimal production process, and most compatible supplier. We have
the right industry partners to help you succeed.


IMST has been designing RF components, cellular applications, and antennas for more than a decade. RF experts, EMC specialists and antenna developers work closely together in a collegial environment, which allows us to be more efficient and flexible in adapting to your needs. Since we have an extensive range of powerful simulation tools and measurement facilities on-site, we can quickly complete the development and certification process.